How Does Stress Affect Your Mental Health?


Stress is a normal response to situations that we perceive to be threatening or dangerous. Everyone experiences stress and our bodies respond by producing mental and physical reactions. While stress in itself is not an illness, it can increase the risk of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Hence, many people turn to a mental health therapist to manage stress.

When left unmanaged, stress causes changes in the mind and body that can range from mild to severe. When you are under a lot of stress, your body’s autonomic nervous system takes control. This system regulates the function of internal organs like the heart and stomach. Hence, you may feel your body tense up and experience an increase in heart rate.

Long-term stress also affects your mental health. Unmanaged stress can cause the following:

  • Poor self-confidence and feelings of hopelessness
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not being able to make decisions
  • Frequent mood swings, loss of appetite, and difficulty sleeping
  • Panic attacks, social withdrawal, and reduced levels of productivity

To help address the symptoms of stress, arrange an appointment with a virtual mental health clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. A mental health professional can help identify the causes of stress in your life and develop healthy ways to cope. This will help boost your mental health and teach you how to face stressful situations effectively.

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