Learn the Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression


Depression comes in many forms and can affect people in various ways. Hence, the causes and symptoms of depression can vary. While most people recognize that depression can cause fatigue, intense sadness, and low energy, there are several symptoms that people are less aware of. Hence, seeking help from a psychologist or mental health professional is crucial.

As a leading provider of psychotherapy in Georgia, we will discuss the lesser-known symptoms of depression that you should be aware of:

  • Brain Fog
    Depression can reduce cognitive functions, which include working memory, decision-making skills, long-term memory, and the ability to focus. Hence, individuals with depression may experience brain fog. This refers to the inability to focus on tasks, forgetfulness, slower reaction times, and feelings of being mentally “blocked.”
  • Weight Changes
    Weight changes can be indicative of a shift in mental health. Depression is known to affect appetite, with some people with depression experiencing either an increase or decrease in appetite. Accordingly, significant weight fluctuations may be caused by unmanaged depression. Behavioral therapy is necessary to address its symptoms and teach healthy coping skills.
  • Unexplained Aches
    People with depression may experience body ailments, including unexplained aches and pain. Often, there will be no underlying physical cause, but the distress is very real. When emotions are not processed correctly, those with depression tend to focus on the physical symptoms they experience instead of the underlying emotional problems.

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