The Negative Impact of Codependent Relationships


Codependency is an emotional and mental problem that affects the way we interact and connect with other people in interpersonal relationships. To be codependent is to heavily rely on another person. Recognizing the warning signs of codependency will help prevent its negative impact on one’s mental health.

As a provider of psychotherapy in Georgia, we will discuss the negative effects of codependent relationships:

  • Codependency among family members

    While we often think of codependency in romantic relationships or friendships, it can also occur among family members. Signs of codependency in families include difficulty expressing emotions, fear of conflict, difficulty establishing healthy boundaries, and a constant desire for approval from parents. A relationship therapist can help codependent family members work through their issues.

    Parent-child codependency can be emotionally abusive and prevents the child from developing a sense of identity. In a codependent parent-child relationship, the child learns that their feelings and needs are unimportant. A person’s sense of identity is built through the choices they make. When a codependent parent stifles their child’s ability to commit to their choices, the child remains with a diffused identity in adulthood.

  • Codependency in couples and friendships

    Codependency is commonly observed in couples. After dating for an extended period, some people develop the idea that they cannot live without their significant other. The same applies to very close friendships.

    However, codependency in romantic relationships and friendships can cause distrust and resentment. It also creates jealousy, increases loneliness, and creates mismatched responsibilities. A psychologist can help couples and friends prevent or break codependency.

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