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How Does Stress Affect Your Mental Health?

Stress is a normal response to situations that we perceive to be threatening or dangerous. Everyone experiences stress and our bodies respond by producing mental and physical reactions. While stress in itself is not an illness, it can increase the risk of mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. Hence, many people turn to a […]

The Negative Impact of Codependent Relationships

Codependency is an emotional and mental problem that affects the way we interact and connect with other people in interpersonal relationships. To be codependent is to heavily rely on another person. Recognizing the warning signs of codependency will help prevent its negative impact on one’s mental health. As a provider of psychotherapy in Georgia, we […]

Learn the Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression

Depression comes in many forms and can affect people in various ways. Hence, the causes and symptoms of depression can vary. While most people recognize that depression can cause fatigue, intense sadness, and low energy, there are several symptoms that people are less aware of. Hence, seeking help from a psychologist or mental health professional […]

The Benefits of Seeking Anger Management

Although it is normal to feel angry from time to time, it can become a problem when it gets out of control. When anger is regularly expressed through destructive behavior, it can have a negative impact on your overall health. Hence, mental health services are necessary to learn better anger management skills. As a virtual […]

Always Prepare for a Productive Therapy Session

Making preparations before talking to a psychologist or therapist can vastly improve the effectiveness of your therapy sessions. The first step is to research and select a qualified therapist who has experience in treating any mental health issues that you want to address. It’s also essential to ensure that the psychologist or therapist is licensed […]

Healing From Your Emotional Trauma

Dealing with emotional trauma is no easy feat. It’s a multifaceted experience that can leave a deep mark on a person’s emotional and mental health. The path to healing can be rocky, as emotional trauma can upend one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions, resulting in long-lasting effects that can impact one’s quality of life and relationships. […]